Below is a beautiful video we would love to have you view and share with your friends and associates. 

It is our intent to promote the importance of memorial art and the good feelings that are derived from placing a proper memorial tribute for a loved one or an organization remembering an historic event.  Memorials are an important part of our lives and we feel this video shares these feelings.

To that cause, we would ask you to share the video on your Facebook page, tweet about it, and send emails with the link included to others you feel would appreciate our efforts in delivering this important message.  As Memorial Day approaches, many will be remembering and sharing their stories of heroes and family members who have made a difference in their lives and who are now being honored and remembered on this important day.

Memorials need not be boring relics like the typical headstones found in most cemeteries across the country; there is now an alternative.

By contacting members of the American Institute of Commemorative Art (AICA) you can learn how to personalize your family memorial tribute. Members of AICA believe in creating headstones, monuments, grave markers and mausoleums that tell a visual “Story In Stone”, a personalized and unique tribute to commemorate a life or historic moment in time.

AICA is an association of retail monument companies and consultants who specialize in memorial design. Located throughout the United States and Canada. AICA members are devoted to the highest standards of memorial design and business ethics in the monument industry.

Whether you are looking for a simple single marker, a companion memorial, family monument, a mausoleum, unique sculpture, or even a civic or public memorial for your organization or community, AICA’s member firms can assist you in creating a one-of-a-kind lasting tribute. Use the menus above to learn more about monuments and how to get in touch with AICA members. If a member is not close to your area, feel free to contact the AICA Office in Indianapolis, Indiana for assistance.

"Let Us Help You Create

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